Earth 19: Sounds Blend to Music

Earth 19: Sounds Blend to Music

EARTH 19 is sponsored by Lisa Larson
Dedicated to Kelly McGrath who earned a Bachelor’s degree in Music and had the opportunity to study abroad in Vienna, Austria, where she now resides. She shares her father’s love of the outdoors, travel and exploration. Her love of music and exploring the globe, combined with an appreciation of nature make it a perfect opportunity for this globe to be hand-delivered, by her mom, and launched from Vienna.


Ronnie Siegel
Los Angeles, CA, United States


March 15, 2019

Harmony between Music and Nature

My daughter, Kelly, lives and works in Vienna, Austria. Austria is a beautiful, clean country located in central Europe. In between Austria’s 2 largest cities, Vienna […]
September 20, 2018

The Story of Carry the EARTH

My thoughts and environmental concerns: My biggest environmental concern is climate change because it can unleash natural forces that humanity may never be able to reverse. […]

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